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The Vegan Travel Association (VTA) was founded in 2022 by a group of vegan travel professionals  one a mission to improve and promote vegan travel. We started in 2020 with our first travel summit and realized that there were many vegans who were keen to learn more about travel. Our second and larger summit in 2021 had nearly 1,000 registrants and attracted more than 50 speakers interested in vegan travel.If you are vegan (or vegan-curious) and are interested in travel, you will want to check out our events and see our member directory for vegan or vegan-friendly travel experiences..

Who we are

Who we are: The Vegan Travel Association (VTA), is a member-based organization that represents the rapidly growing interest in vegan travel. 

We Advocate: for vegan travelers collectively by working with travel suppliers and authorities on catering to the preferences of vegans, and also the issue of animal exploitation in the travel industry.

We Educate – to elevate knowledge and implementation of the vegan lifestyle  to the nonvegan retail travel industry through certification, accreditation, and other learning opportunities.

We Promote – the value of the vegan travel and vegan friendly travel industry to vegans and the vegan-curious and highlight travel experiences that are vegan or vegan-friendly especially those of our members.

We Connect – our Members with information, contacts, networks and programs needed to achieve more effective awareness and sales.

Bridging the gap between vegans who love to travel and the travel industry. 

Help educate the public about vegan travel and what it means to travel without losing their ethics and to educate tour operators and tourist boards the meaning of both culinary and ethical vegan travel

We believe that through support, community, sharing and informing, vegans can have unforgettable travel experiences.

As part of our mission and vision statement we would like to share our values. We believe to set values to our team and beyond help guide us with structure and inspiration to achieve our mission.

Straightforward: We believe clear communication will help vegan travelers choose which direction is best for them in planning their travels lined with their values.

Inclusive: We believe working with curious non-vegan travel suppliers in a non judgemental way to educate them on the whys, hows and benefits on a vegan lifestyle is one way we can achieve a vegan world.

Community-minded:  We believe that we are stronger as a community and through collaboration and the kind sharing of resources and information, people and businesses are pushed out of their comfort zone and can experience the wonders of veganism and / or travel.

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Q & A with VTA Founder and Board Member – Donna Zeigfinger

There are three things in this world that I absolutely adore: animals, travel, and music. To me, these are not just hobbies, but great passions that have shaped my life in incredible ways. From a young age, I always believed in the transformative power of vacations. They have the ability to rejuvenate both our bodies and minds. As a child, my dreams were as simple as experiencing the beauty of California and going on an exhilarating safari. Little did I know that these dreams would shape my future trajectory.

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