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Board Members

The Vegan Travel Association was founded in 2021 by a group of vegan travel professional veterans passionate about making vegan travel more accessible. A  short bio of each of our current Board of Directors follows; 

Zac Lovas

Zac is the co-founder of Vegan Travel Asia by Veg Voyages, a team of 5 friends from 4 different countries and 4 different faiths who came together to create vegan tours that focus on bridging cultural gaps through cultural immersion with local communities while enjoying 100% vegan food along the way.

Starting with 3 reips in 2004, they now organize over 20 vegan tours a year in 9 countries. Collaborating with local, they develop tours that are environmentally friendly, socially impactful, vegan, and cruelty-free. They also invest 50% of their profits into communities they work with through programs focused on social impact, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, education, and conversation. Their journeys seek to promote deeper understanding of each other, the environment, the planet, and our interlinked coexistence on it.

Brighde Reed

Inspired by her mum’s amazing travels behind the Iron Wall in the 60s, as soon as she was able, Brighde was doing whatever she could to explore the world – moving to Australia, teaching in France, and backpacking around Thailand. 

Her first foray into working in the travel industry was as a tour leader full-time for a company working in South-East Asia, France, and Morocco (where she met her now-life partner, another tour leader). After hanging up her backpack, she moved to Vietnam and became vegan. She and her partner decided to use their skills of education, logistics, and tour leading and their interest in getting value in luxury travel for vegans together to create World Vegan Travel – a luxury vegan group tour company taking vegans to some unforgettable destinations around the world including France, Rwanda, South Africa, and Thailand. She is so proud to be part of the founding board of The Vegan Travel Association. 

Gretchen Sheridan

In partnership with Pasquale Tierno, Gretchen opened the Vegan Travel Club in 2010. An extension of their company Tierno Tours. Their mission was to design travel experiences for vegans in Italy and beyond.

Breaking the mindset that travel was just too difficult in Europe for vegans. She started her first tours in Cilento, Italy where she has lived for the last 20 years. Over time they have formed relationships with other local tour operators creating a web of interesting and fun activities. From vegan foodie tours, yacht cruises in the Mediterranean, or trekking in the highlands of Scotland, they have developed a network of experiences that allows vegans to travel while maintaining their values. Today she has tours running across Europe and they specialize in Ireland, Croatia, and Italy.

Jason McGregor

Jason McGregor founded Canada’s first vegan owned & operated full service travel agency in 2018 with the the goal of not only helping travellers plan the best possible vacations but also “Amplifying the Voice of Vegan Travellers” so that new and exciting vegan-friendly travel options become a reality for all. 

Vegan Vacations prides itself on providing “concierge-style” services that include additional destination resources, personalized itinerary planning and excellent support throughout the entire trip planning process. Vegan Vacations, while specializing in working with vegan & veggie clients, helps with all types of travellers and works to ensure that every traveller, no matter what their lifestyle or dietary needs are, gets an epic vacation experience while continuing to maintain their morals and ethics too. The world is at your finger tips now with Vegan Vacations by your side!

Donna Zeigfinger

Founded in 1997 as the nation’s premier vegetarian/vegan/eco-travel agency, Green Earth Travel, LLC, remains on the cutting edge of destinations with conscience offering a wide range of travel options for those who care about the planet.

Today Green Earth Travel, LLC and travel expert, Donna Zeigfinger, company President/owner, focus on Volunteer Vacation packages and Adventure Travel – specializing in arranging individualized excursions Donna’s years of travel experience, outstanding customer service, and behind-the-scenes savvy bring to life your fantasy dream vacation. Whether for a weekend or several weeks – just let your imagination be your guide